The Strength of an International Group

CIBER is a member company of the WIRTGEN GROUP, an internationally active group of companies in the construction equipment industry. Besides CIBER, the group comprises the four renowned brands WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, HAMM and KLEEMANN , all headquartered in Germany, as well as local production facilities in Brazil, India and China.

A Step Ahead in Technology

CIBER offers a complete line of equipment for building, maintaining, and repairing pavements in the markets where it is located. The company manufactures high-quality equipment for various highway applications that streamlines the building of roads and brings savings to its customers by combining efficiency and high productivity. Dozens of machines are used for carrying out the highway building process as well as the production of asphalt, paving, milling, and recycling, which ensures that the final result lasts a long time.

Leadership and Development

With half a century of experience in paving, CIBER is the Latin American market leader and is in full expansion into Africa, increasing development in these regions and offering the best cost-benefit ratio with the equipment that it manufactures. Focusing on application technologies, the company invests strongly in research and development, constantly qualifying the equipment produced and always keeping in mind the demands and needs of its customers.

Preserving the Environment

CIBER is also attentive to preserving the environment, whether in the factory routines or in the production of its equipment. The company adds high technology to the customer’s requirements, offering new devices capable of reducing impact on the environment and the people who work with the machines, whether operators or the people living close to the building sites. The company is known in Latin America for offering ecological technologies of asphalt mixtures such as rubberized-asphalt. The levels of emissions of pollutants from asphalt plants manufactured by CIBER meet the strict international norms of particle emission control.


CIBER’s factory is located in Porto Alegre in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and occupies an area of 51.680 square meters. The plant runs a modern production line that in 2007 increased its production capacity by 40%. The company also invests heavily in the qualification of its work force.