First-class technology for road construction and earth works.

The Hamm plant is located in Tirschenreuth, an administrative centre some two hours’ drive from Munich. 1000 people work here. The products developed here not only display a high functionality and cost-efficiency, but also have an attractive futuristic design typical of Hamm products.

The large, modern assembly hall covering an area approx. 22,000 m2 is characterized by an optimized flow of materials, from the incoming goods department to the shipping department. Its sophisticated logistics concept makes it the most modern roller plant in Europe. Intelligent warehouse systems and the manner in which the eight production lines are organized have earned it the nick-name of a “plant full of short-cuts”. Quality control is a matter of great importance and accompanies the entire production process of every machine built here. It ends with an endurance test to which every roller is subjected on the test bench before being delivered to the customer.

The success factor design.

For many years, design has been an essential element of product development at HAMM. And this is one of the reasons why HAMM is continually able to launch innovative machines and concepts on the market whose user-friendly design ensures top productivity and an ideal workplace for the operator.

As early as in the mid-1990s, HAMM began to integrate design into its construction process. Its activities soon paid off: in 1997, HAMM received its first international design prize. Since then, all its new product series have received accolades for their design and, in 2007, HAMM even won what was its 11th design prize. International design competitions, the foremost of these being the “iF design award” and the “reddot award”, primarily assess product features such as the degree of innovation, functionality, ergonomic design, safety, durability, finish and environmental sustainability. Design thus chiefly focuses on a high serviceability.

The market success of all HAMM’s award-winning rollers highlights the fact that the ergonomically enhanced machines delight not only designers, but customers, too. This ongoing success is founded on a clear philosophy: along with the technical requirements, ergonomic design and simple operation are prime concerns. And thus, HAMM finds a perfect balance of technology and ergonomic design. Through product design, it gives functionality a “natural” and hence attractive form. This process gave rise to the unique stylistic elements which lend HAMM rollers their distinctive look today.